Venom 9 - VAG 2.0 TSI (12-19) IS38 Ball Bearing Hybrid Turbo

turbo options: complete new unit
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Want to set records? The Venom 9 is the answer.

As featured on our own world record holding Ecotune MK7R Golf.

VENOM9 Ball Bearing hybrid Specification:

  • As Featured On Our Own Ecotune Golf 7R
  • Complete Plug And Play Application
  • Venom Hybrid Turbos own design Aluminium Billet Hi-flow Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Technology
  • Machined Compressor Housing, Profiled and Polished to Minimum Tolerances for Optimum Flow of The Charged Air
  • Custom Turbine wheel designed by  Venom hybrid Turbos
  • Garrett GT30 Full Ceramic Ball Bearing Cartridge
  • Special Machined Turbine Housing for Optimal EMP with Additional Exhaust Porting
  • Ported Turbine Housing to Optimise Flow of The Exhaust Gases
  • Silencer Baffle Delete
  • Designed, Machined and Assembled in House
  • Fully Balanced On Our Vibration Sort Rig
  • Calibrated to Track Specification
  • Power Outputs of 600HP on E85, 550BHP on 110RON/Multi Port Methanol Injection, 500HP on 98RON
  • Maximum boost pressure 2.5 bar peak and 2.2 running pressure

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