Racingline Track Suspension Kit – 2 Way Adjustable/Rear Coilover Inc. Top Mount – VWR340000-G7

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Racingline Track Suspension Coilover Kit – VWR340000-G7

The VWR TrackSport kit has been developed directly from VWR’s full race kits; the only differences are in the internal valving settings and the spring rate/lengths that are supplied. The kit really is that special. Coilover rear dampers, plus 45mm inverted ‘thick-stem’ front damper providing a super stiff front McPherson strut, unique in the market. Easy set up: 12-point adjustment of bump and rebound damping, adjustable with no tools or jacking via the beautifully over-engineered adjuster knobs. Includes shortened Adjustable Drop Links plus Adjustable Top Mounts, CNC Machined and pre installed pillow ball bearing, for super accurate camber set up.


The TrackSport kit uses inverted ‘thick-stem’ front dampers, giving a much stiffer strut to avoid flex under intense load.


Rear dampers are now coilover, allowing a full range of spring travel at the rear, rather than relying on shorter springs (as non-coilover rear kits do).


Lightweight, shortened aluminium bodies, exactly as VWR’s race kits use for a really significant weight saving.


When you lower your car, the VWR Adjustable Drop Links included with Tracksport will readjust the preload on your anti roll bar and add precision to handling response.


Supplied with 60mm id linear springs with helper springs; in standard sizes to make them easily swapped for different rates for full set-up options.


Tracksport comes with the VWR Adjustable Top Mounts, allowing camber adjustment and a transformation in precision.

Confirmed Fitment (VWR340000-G7)

  • SEAT Leon III 2012+ 5F
  • SEAT Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F
  • Audi A3 2012+ 8V
  •  Audi S3 2013+ 8V
  • Audi RS3 2015+ 8V
  • Audi TT III 2014+ 8S
  • Audi TT 2.0 TSI III 2014+ 8S
  • Audi TTS III 2015+ 8S
  • VW Golf 7 GTI 2013+ 5G
  • VW Golf 7 R 2013+ 5G
  • VW Golf 7 GTI ClubSport 2016+ 5G
  • Skoda Octavia III 2012-2020 1Z
  • Skoda Octavia vRS III 2004-2020 1Z

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