Racingline Stage 3 IS38 Hybrid Turbo Charger (Exchange Program)

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Racingline Stage 3 IS38 Hybrid Turbo Charger (Exchange Program)
An exceptional Turbo Upgrade of the highest quality, intelligently-designed hardware, matched in to Racingline's superb OEM+ Performance Software. Reliability comes as standard - fit it, then just enjoy it!

The heart of the OEM+ Stage 3 kit is Racingline's significantly re-engineered IS38 turbo - featuring bespoke turbine and compressor wheels and high-spec bearing pack inside.
By retaining the housing of the IHI turbo, fitment is simple and cost-effective, reusing the factory oil and coolant lines plus gaskets with no aftermarket connections or adaptors to worry about.

Developed and supplied as a full, complete install kit to be matched with Racingnline's OEM+ software and Supporting Mods for a true 'Plug and Play' solution.
The result? Combined with the OEM+ Stage 3 ECU Tune and Supporting Hardware; expect to see 480hp, amazing driveability.
On a 4WD DSG car 0-60mph/100kph in around 3 seconds. True supercar performance.

For IS20 (smaller turbo) cars such as Golf 7 GTI, expect a power output of 450bhp.

What's Included?
- Racingline Stage 3 IS38 Hyrbid Turbo Charger
- Racingline Stage 3 Turbo Muffler Delete
- Racingline Stage 3 Turbo Inlet Elbow
- OEM+ ECU Software

Required Supporting Hardware (Not Included) 
- Upgrade Intake Hose 
- Upgrade Intake/Airbox 
- De-Cat or Sports Cat Large Bore Downpipe 
- Intercooler Upgrade
- High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade
- Clutch Upgrade for Manual Vehicles 
- Gearbox 'TCU' Upgrade for DSG Vehicles 

To buy this turbocharger there is an additional surcharge of £1200.00 which must be paid upon ordering. 
If your original IS38 turbo charger is in serviceable condition, send it over to us and we will refund the £1200.00 Surcharge once it has been inspected by Racingline.
We will not accept any IS12 / IS20 Turbo chargers as a Surcharge Return. 


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