Racingline Performance R600 Turbo Inlet System EA888 Gen4

Please select you car.: Garrett Turbo - 245ps Vehicles (VWR120003) MK8 Gti
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RacingLine Turbo Inlet Systems for the EA888 Gen4 Vehicles

More big news for the EA888.4 MQB EVO cars! Following the launch of R600 EVO Intake, we're now have available the Turbo Inlet Elbow and Silicone Inlet Hose packages to fit all 2.0 TSI EA888.4 MQB EVO models.

There are two completely different versions: one for the 'high output' 300-320ps cars with Continental Turbo such as Golf 8R, Golf 8 GTI CS, Audi S3 8Y & more.
The other kit is for all the 'lower output' 245ps versions with Garrett turbo, such as Golf 8 GTI, Octavia vRS etc.

- VWR120003 TURBO INLET /  2.0 TSI EA888.4 (Garrett Turbo / 245ps)
- VWR120010 TURBO INLET /  2.0 TSI EA888.4 (Continental Turbo / 300-320ps)

To get the very best flow to release maximum power gains, these inlet kits only come as a two-piece package of  our much larger diameter, free flowing Turbo 90 Inlet paired with reinforced Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose. These have to be fitted together, and are sold together.
The perfect combination with the new R600 EVO!


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