RacingLine Performance Bonnet Gas Strut Kit - Mk8 Golf

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RacingLine Performance Bonnet Gas Strut Kit - Mk8 Golf

Our new Golf mk8 Gas Strut kit lets you get rid of that cheap manual bonnet prop that the new car now comes with. In other words, just like it should have come from the factory....

After some experimentation, we have produced a unique gas strut with the correct length and pressure for the Golf 8 bonnet. It lifts and closes with the perfect resistance, to the perfect height.

Included is a high-grade stainless steel ball-end bracket, which screws onto the existing bonnet latch bracket stud - no new holes or drilling needed. Meaning this is a simple, and fully reversible DIY fitment in ten minutes.

We’re expecting that this will be a popular upgrade – even amongst Golf 8 owners who would not normally modify their car.

- Suitable for all Mk8 Golf Models
- Not suitable for vehicles which are not a Mk8 Golf

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