Genuine VAG (x4) Spark Plug Set - 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI EA888 Gen3

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A Genuine VAG Set of four Standard Spark Plugs for the 2.0T EA888 Gen3

Over the years, the electrode wears away on spark plugs, causing too large of a gap and weak spark. Additionally, excess carbon can build up and bridge the gap to negatively effect performance.
Replace yours with these Genuine VW/Audi plugs to regain your power, fuel efficiency, and smooth a poor idle. 

The spark plug is essentially the first step in your engine’s combustion process. It forces electricity to arc across a gap, just like a bolt of lightning. The electricity must be powerful in order for it to cross the gap and create a quality spark. As the piston travels up the first time, compressing the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, the distributor sends an energy surge along the spark plug wire. When the surge reaches the spark plug, it fires, which ignites the air-fuel mixture. This explosion inside the combustion chamber forces the piston down again and is what creates the engine's Power!

Recommended for IS12 and IS20 Turbo Cars: 

- Stock
- Stage 1 Tuned
- Stage 2 Tuned

Recommended for IS38 Turbo Cars: 
- Stock
- Stage 1 Tuned

PLEASE NOTE: These are not compatible with 2019+ GPF Equipped vehicles.

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