Genuine VAG 2.0TFSI (EA113) Fuel Pump Cam Follower Replacement Kit

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Vital kit consisting of cam follower, fuel pump sealing o-ring, & fuel pump hardware

The camshaft follower found in VW and Audi 2.0T FSI engines rides on the camshaft and transfers the motion into the high pressure fuel pump. This small part can play quite a big role in your engine's well being, as it keeps a barrier and connection point between your camshaft and your high pressure cam driven fuel pump.

Numerous issues cause excessive wear of the camshaft follower; fuel dilution of the oil, poor lubrication due to low-ZDDP oil regulations, insufficient surface hardening of the cam follower contact surface.

Without replacement, it is common for followers to have full holes worn though them.
Regular checkup of your cam follower and replacement can prevent irreversible damage to your fuel pump or camshaft..

Kit includes the following:

  • High Pressure Fuel Pump Cam Follower (06D109309C)
  • T30 Torx Fuel Pump Mounting Bolts - Qty 3 (N10624701)
  • Fuel Pump Sealing O-Ring (WHT005184)

Awesome recommends checking your cam follower:

  • every 5-10k miles on highly modified cars
  • every 20-30k miles on non modified cars

Fits: EA113 T-FSI engines only. 
This is not suitable for the 'TSI' or EA888 Engines. 
If your car has a Cam-Chain, this is not correct.

Suitable for the following Engine Codes: 
- AXX - BHZ - BJW - BPY - BUL - BWA - BWE - BWJ - BYD - CDL - 

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