Genuine MQB 340x30mm Front Clubsport S Discs (Pair) (5Q0615301C)

Sale price£490.00


Pair of OE 340x30mm Clubsport S front brake discs.

Suited as a direct replacement for MQB chassis vehicles using 340x30mm brake discs.

A weight saving of 0.9kg per side compared to stock.

Weight comparisons: 

OE/Drilled/Grooved/J Hooked 340x30mm disc - 10.7kg (per disc)

Plain semi 2-piece 340x30mm disc - 10.0kg (per disc)

Clubsport S 340x30mm disc - 9.8kg (per disc)

Vagbremtechnic 362x32mm disc - 8.6kg (per disc)

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