AP Racing Pro 5000R Front Brake Kit 6 Piston Calipers with 362x32MM 2-Piece Discs (BK0023R) - RACE ONLY

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These calipers are not designed for comfort, they are designed to work!

The calipers included in this kit are 6 Piston Pro 5000R made by AP Racing. They are extremely light weight at 2.78kg each. The piston sizes are matched extremely well to provide a pedal feel that is just like OEM.

The caliper carriers are made from lightweight aluminium. These have steel thread inserts for strength along with a black anodised finish. The supplied front brake lines have been made to our specifications by HEL Performance, which include stainless steel fittings and are finished in their carbon black sheathing. The 2 piece brake discs are assembled with outer rotors made by AP Racing which are of the highest quality steel and come in either grooved or drilled. Matched with our lightweight aluminium bells finished anodised in black, this brake disc setup is a floating 2 piece assembly and the float is in the disc bell rather than the disc. Lastly the fitting kit includes bolts that are high tensile M12x1.25 coupled with quality spring washers.

On some MQB Cars such as Mk7 Golf / Audi A3/S3 8V Chassis / Leon 5F / Octavia 5E - When this kit is fitted the brake discs will rub against the ball joint, a small amount of material will need to be removed from the ball joint to allow clearance.

Included in our kit:
2x 6 Piston AP Racing Pro5000R calipers
2x Caliper carriers
2x 362x32mm 2 piece front brake discs
1x Braided front brake lines
4x Caliper to carrier bolts
4x Spring washers for caliper to carrier bolts

To complete this front brake kit you will need:
1x Set of brake pads to suit your driving style
Brake fluid to flush system when installing

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