Forge Motorsport Turbo Inlet Adaptor - Golf Mk8 GTI

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With the success of turbo inlet adaptors for a number of platforms and engine configurations we took the opportunity to further our product range for the VW MK8 GTI. We looked to see if we could improve on the air flow to the turbo charger. On investigation we could see that the OEM turbo adaptor was restrictive and was an area in need for improvement. Therefore, our highly skilled development team got to work designing a solution to maximize the capacity by utilizing our CAD system and physical prototypes.

The OEM plastic turbo inlet includes a ribbed hose that also disturbs the air flow within the inlet tract, this OEM part has a detrimental effect to the engines performance especially when tuned. For the best possible gains, we have included a smooth silicone inlet hose that is included in the kit and meets the forge turbo elbow seamlessly, this product not only enhances the look of your vehicles engine bay the TIA6 inlet elbow and hose increase the volume and air flow significantly, this ensures the transition is as smooth as possible from the inlet tract to the turbo.

Suitable for both left and right hand drive vehicles the turbo elbow is made from cast aluminium and machined to the perfect tolerance to enable a superb fit, this is a product that can be installed in approximately 30 minutes with only a few tools and can easily be accomplished by even the most novice enthusiast.

During independent testing on a stock vehicle we found the throttle response to be increased with a gain of 12NM torque between 2000RPM and 2400RPM  while holding noticeable smoother torque figure to just over 3300RPM along with a slight increase of BHP at 5300RPM, These figures can be expected to increase the more the vehicle is tuned and will typically produce a gain of around 7 BHP on stage 1 tuned vehicles this is because at the entry point to the inlet elbow the surface area in increased by 30%.

Combined with our product FMMD6 the turbo charger works more freely and should certainly be considered as one of the first two modifications to carry out on the new 2.0 petrol turbo (TSI) (EA888 GEN4 engine) with the engine code DNP and replaces the OEM part number 5WA.129.635

  • The Forge silicone hose in this kit has been designed to include an expensive inner liner of modified silicone known as Fluorosilicone.
  • This means the hose is suitable to be used with either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist.
  • The construction of the hose has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments, and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically
  • Increased capacity 
  • No engine check lights (EML)
  • Increased air flow
  • Lifetime warranty*

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