DO88 Audi RS3 (8V/8Y) Intercooler – ICM-420 - 1000+BHP Capable.

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Best RS3 Intercooler Upgrade!



FINALLY - An RS3 Intercooler with a GARRETT Core readily available in the UK!

do88 Audi RS3 (8V/8Y) Intercooler – ICM-420

Upgrade the performance of your Audi RS3 8V with the do88 Performance Intercooler Kit!

For the fastest times and most consistent performance, the ICM-420 from DO88 is the Intercooler for your RS3.


  • Increased core volume: 118% Larger than OEM. 18102cm3 compared to OEM 8307cm3!
  • Increased active cooling area: 80% larger cooling area, 1866 cm2 compared to OEM 1038 cm2!
  • Lower inlet air temperature under identical conditions: 23°C compared to OEM 55°C. Impressive 32°C lower! Exact figures to be found in the diagrams under product pictures.
  • Increased airflow, lower pressure drop: @ 0,125 bar / 1,81 psi pressure drop: 526 CFM (432 CFM), 22% higher! Precise CFM values available in the diagrams under product pictures.
  • High-density, motorsport-grade Bar&Plate cores from Garrett, capable of handling 1000hp.
  • Unique 3D, freeform-designed cast end tanks.
  • Easy installation, no modifications needed (with exception to TTRS)
  • Chromoly crash beam that doesn’t obstruct ambient airflow.
  • 1000BHP+ CAPABLE

Engineered as a direct OEM replacement, our kit features a colossal 97mm thick core Intercooler, optimally rated by Garett for a staggering 1000hp! Experience a significant increase of power and torque, thanks to our design which ensures maximized air flow and remarkably cooler intake temperatures. Perfect for high performance and track cars, this kit is your ticket to true performance.

The biggest obstacle when designing an performance intercooler for the RS3’s is the OEM crash bar, which often limit both the physical size and ambient air flow to the intercooler. That’s why we’ve decided to design a new chromoly steel crash bar with Ø40mm (1 5/8”) tubing. It installs just like the OEM unit but allows unrestricted ambient air flow and the room to install our massive intercooler. All this while maintaining mounting points for your ACC Adaptive Cruise Control radar sensor and ambient temperature sensor. Naturally a formal crash test has not been conducted and it may not meet road legality standards, but the durability of this crash bar makes it ideal for those building a high-performance track car.

Our Intercooler core, designed by the esteemed Garrett Motorsport, utilizes advanced Aerospace technology. The densely packed, thin cooling fins builds the 97 mm (3 ¹³/₁₆”) thick core that offer efficient heat transfer, thereby ensuring optimal performance. The air flow over the core is efficiently distributed via our uniquely designed, free form cast end tanks. After many iterations of CFD-analysis, and 3D-printing, and flow bench tests we’ve perfected a design that offers maximum airflow. Form follows function here – our 80mm machined connections far exceed the OEM design, eliminating bottlenecks and allowing high power outputs. Based on our knowledge, we think do88 is the only brand that has gone above and beyond by enlarging the hose connections to eliminate those bottlenecks.

To ensure compatibility with the larger connections, the kit includes matching silicone hoses that connect with the OEM charge pipes. The welding of the end tanks to the core, is meticulously carried out at the do88 facility in Sweden, guaranteeing top quality.

With the OEM intercooler often falling short in performance on tuned cars, an upgrade is an must. Regardless of whether your vehicle is at OEM boost levels or highly tuned, our intercooler kit dramatically improves performance over the OEM intercooler.
During our tough cooling efficiency tests on closed air strip we not only saw a huge reduction in intake air temperature but the Dragy we had in the car showed a consequent reduction in 100-200km/h acceleration time by a half second with our intercooler in place! 

 More information will follow in due course, keep your notifications on for updates on WHY this intercooler is the right one for your car.


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