CSF High-Performance Intercoolers - Audi RS6 RS7 C8

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If you want to build the worlds fastest C8 Audi RS6, you'll need these. 

On an average of seven 4th gear dyno pulls, done every ~50 seconds, the results were:

  • • Stage 2 tune comparing CSF intercoolers to OEM = +20 wtq / +10whp
  • • Stock tune comparing CSF intercoolers to OEM = +18 wtq / +20whp

Looks like the OEM turbo was running out of juice for more horsepower gains on the stage 2 tune, but the intercoolers worked as expected, and will be great for big power builds – it was hot (33°C-37°C) inside the dyno room, and IAT’s were consistent at 17°C less than the OEM intercoolers without spiking on the dyno runs.

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