CSF All Aluminium Triple Pass Radiator - 2.0T - MQB Platform

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CSF All Aluminium Tripple Pass Radiator - MQB Platform

With the MQB platform able to generate huge amounts of power, with an output increase of almost 30% achievable with intakes, exhausts, intercooler and software an often overlooked area for improvement is the factory engine water cooling system. 

With such a substantial increase in output easily achievable it's easy to understand why the factory water radiator can struggle to exchange the heat from the engine and now exhaust gas heat from the integrated engine head exhaust manifold. It's not uncommon for these engines, whilst showing 90c on the coolant dial to actually be running in excess of 100c up to 110c during spirited driving when properly logged. 

Whats more is that during spirited driving, whilst the engine water coolant temp becomes high so does the engine oil. It's not uncommon for engine oil temperatures to spike to over 130c-145c during spirited driving and struggles to reduce without substantial time spent cooling the car down. This is due to there being no factory engine oil cooler, so the factory water radiator has a lot of work to do. 

Let's take a look at the stock cooler... 

The Stock Cooler:

  • 1-row 26mm core
  • single-pass
  • 7mm fin height 
The stock cooler uses a single row, 26 mm core and is of a single pass design. This is a very thin core for this that does not make use of the available space efficiently which contributes to the cooling issues. After months of development, we have developed a solution which maximises the efficiency and of the space available whilst maintaining all of the factory mounting locations, hose locations etc for a direct replacement part, our specification is below... 
CSF's All-Aluminium Triple Pass Water Radiator
  • 2-row 42mm B-tube core
  • Triple-pass design
  • 6.5mm fin height 
The CSF All-Aluminum Triple Pass Water Radiator utilises a 2-row 42mm core. Utilising all of the space between the condenser and radiator the core depth has been maximised and compatibility confirmed with large aftermarket intercoolers such as IE. The B-tube design maximises the tube efficiency in all areas, this tube design is stronger than 0-tubes less material can be used for a lighter more efficient heat transfer whilst surface area inside the tube is increased by 15% over 0-tubes. 
The Triple Pass design means coolant passes across the core three times before it exits maximising the time the radiator has to exchange heat for the coolest outlet temperature. Finally, the 6.5mm fin height has been wind tunnel optimised in CSF's in-house wind tunnel, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the ultimate MQB Water Radiator solution. 

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